Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Japanese Cucumber Salad

This is the easiest salad you could ever make. Two ingredients are all you need- a cucumber and some rice, or ume plum, vinegar. It is super refreshing and goes well with almost any summer meal, from sushi or noodles to grilled veg and chicken.


Japanese Cucumber Salad
You can use seasoned or unseasoned rice vinegar or delicious ume plum vinegar for this recipe. If you use seasoned vinegar it has a hint of sweet and salty already added, but if you use plain rice vinegar, you can use a sprinkle of salt and/or sugar if desired.

1 long english cucumber
rice vinegar, or ume plum vinegar, to taste (seasoned or unseasoned)
optional: chopped chives

1. Combine sliced cucumbers and vinegar to taste and let stand for at least half an hour before serving.